ATV Insurance

New legislation requires insurance

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and dirt bikes can be exhilarating ways for friends and families to discover remote or unknown areas of our vast province. But operators of these two or four-wheeled machines now must have liability insurance if they operate their equipment on (or across) public roadways, even for short periods of time.

Affordable basic protection: and much more

Fortunately, Mardon Insurance has just what your family needs to affordably meet the minimum liability requirements for snowmobiles with a basic policy that covers;

  • damages to a trailer or truck deck
  • loss of riding gear

Basic plus MORE

On top of this reasonably priced coverage, we also offer optional extensions for:

  • fire, theft and collision (our Agreed Value limits cover what is also known as physical damage protection which some customers mistakenly think are covered under their home insurance)
  • increased limit for damages to a trailer or truck deck
  • increased limit for loss of riding gear
  • increased liability protection

Make sure your off-road adventures are safe

Let our ATV and dirt bike insurance specialists help you assess your coverage needs by contacting us at any of our insurance offices in the Vancouver area.