Rental Property Insurance

As a landlord, you're well aware of the many challenges that go along with managing a rental property. From interviewing and negotiating with tenants to repairing and maintaining the building, you put considerable effort into keeping that asset generating income for you.

Supplement Tenant Coverage for your Property

Which is why you need to protect your rental property from an unforeseen incident like a fire or serious water damage. Even if your tenant has coverage for a variety of perils such as a fire or serious water damage, will it be enough? In cases where neighbouring units or buildings are damaged in the incident, those affected may look to you, the owner, to cover their losses.

Rental Property Insurance Coverage

As leaders in the Vancouver home insurance market, we know the challenges inherent in owning rental property which is why our standard policies start with coverage for:

  • Contents
  • Liability
  • Water damage

Depending on your circumstances, we may recommend other protection options such as:

  • Bylaw coverage (and sprinkler bylaw coverage)
  • Higher liability limits through an umbrella policy
  • Earthquake

Let our home insurance insurance specialists help you with a free assessment of your insurance needs by contacting us at any of our insurance offices in the Vancouver area.