Key Terms

Bylaw coverage – coverage for increased costs to rebuild a building or residence that have resulted from a change in building codes or local bylaws.

Contents – covers the contents of a home and other personal property that the named insured and members of the household own, wear or use (including clothing, cameras, furniture, etc.) while on the premises. It may even cover personal property of others (excluding roomers or boarders who are not related to the insured) that is not otherwise insured.

Earthquake – covers damages due to recordable seismic activity that moves the earth and causes damage to the residential structure. Earthquake coverage does NOT include damage due to landslide, mudslide or avalanche. The period of coverage can include up to seven days of aftershocks.

Glass – covers accidental breakage of exterior glass in a building or residence.

Identity theft – protection against damages to an insured from someone illegally collecting and using personal information for the purpose of committing fraud or a criminal act.

Liability – coverage for the damages or losses suffered by others that the insured person is legally responsible for.

Personal watercraft – coverage for watercraft used for private, pleasure use, including all hulled vessels, with or without motors or sails. In some cases, a home insurance policy will cover this while in other cases it will be necessary to purchase a separate marine insurance policy.

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance – A special form of liability policy designed to protect the insured for certain unknown contingencies over and above the normal coverages and to provide excess insurance.

Property damage – coverage of an insured's property against damage, destruction or loss by a covered peril. Depending on the policy, the peril could be fire, water damage, etc.

Water damage – coverage for damages resulting to your home or its contents caused by the sudden or accidental escape of water from within your premises.

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