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As a Lower Mainland homeowner, your circumstances and needs are unique and can change over the years. Your Vancouver home insurance coverage should reflect your situation, and can be very different than the coverage of your friends or even your neighbours.

Mardon Insurance is not your typical broker. As an independent broker, we're proud to offer you a wide range of choices. Select absoluteHOME, a Mardon Insurance proprietary product, or an insurance solution from one of the 20 insurance companies we represent. We can provide you with comparative quotes for home insurance to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Get the Best Value in Home Insurance with absoluteHOME

Value! It's just one of the reasons BC families and business owners have trusted the professional brokers at Mardon Insurance since 1928. absoluteHOME is an industry leader for home insurance that offers unprecedented value plus limits of coverage superior to what most companies offer as standard.

absoluteHOME Home Insurance Solution: Top 10 Key Features and Benefits


Industry Standard

$10,000 limit for theft of belongings from your vehicle $1,500 limit for the theft of belongings from your vehicle
The amount of personal belongings carried in your vehicle varies considerably during the year. On a road trip or driving holiday you may take more personal property than you would normally keep in your vehicle on a daily basis or perhaps you have purchased an expensive car stereo to play them on. With this coverage you will not need to worry about a limit or count the number of CDs you leave in the car!
$150,000 Bylaws Coverage $10,000 Bylaws Coverage
New building code bylaws are introduced yearly. Some homeowners face the prospect of having to comply with “setback” bylaw requirements if their home is significantly damaged by fire. In these cases the foundation or “footprint” of the house may have to be shifted to comply with a bylaw. With a high limit for bylaws coverage homeowners do not need to worry about increased repairs or rebuilding costs caused by bylaw requirements.
$10,000 coverage for Business Property on Premises $5,000 coverage for Business Property on Premises
Home based businesses are becoming very popular in today's work environment. This high limit means the desk, chair, fax and any stocks and supplies used for your home based business are covered and you do not need to buy an expensive commercial policy to cover them.
$5,000 for business property off premises Not covered
A home based business may require some business property to be taken away from the premises e.g. a laptop computer. This coverage provides protection without having to pay extra premiums.
$1,000 coverage for spare automobile parts Not covered
Spare seats or engine parts are not covered under your ICBC policy and are usually excluded from your house insurance policies under the automobile equipment exclusion. This feature provides coverage for some spare automobile parts you may have in your garage.
$2 million for bodily injury and property damage liability $1 million for bodily injury and property damage liability
Higher liability limits are recommended to protect your personal assets. This coverage includes $2 million personal liability coverage in the premium.
$2,500 coverage to replace the locks on your home $500 coverage to replace the locks on your home
If your purse is stolen at the mall, your house and car keys are often inside along with your driver's license and home address. This high coverage limit enables you to change all the locks on your home and prevent a potential burglary by the people who stole your purse. No deductible applies to this coverage.
$2,500 coverage to replace the locks on your car No coverage to replace the locks on your car
This coverage works in conjunction with the coverage for the locks on your home. In the above example, if the thieves have your home address and car keys, there is a risk they could steal your car from your driveway or garage. Changing the locks on your car will help prevent this from happening. No deductible applies to this coverage.
No limit for student property $10,000 student property limit
If you have one or more children away attending school this coverage ensures that adequate insurance will be available to cover their personal belongings.
$5,000 coverage for relative's property in nursing home Not covered
This coverage provides additional coverage if you have a relative in a nursing home. Most people do not have many personal belongings with them in a nursing home and this feature helps them to protect their belongings without having to buy an insurance policy themselves.

Home Insurance Options: Making sure you're fully covered

As leaders in the Vancouver home insurance market, we can also help you customize your policy with a wide range of optional coverages including:

  • Bylaw coverage (and sprinkler bylaw coverage)
  • Earthquake
  • Extended coverage for bikes, jewelry, wine, fine arts and furs
  • Glass extension
  • Higher liability limits through an umbrella policy
  • Home-based business
  • Identify theft
  • Parents in a nursing home
  • Personal watercraft
  • Students away from home

With significant increases in construction, reconstruction and building material costs, it's vital to make sure your home and its contents are fully covered in case of a fire or other significant claim. We work with all our clients to evaluate your situation, explaining the differences between new construction costs, rebuilding costs and market value and making sure your home is insured to value.

Let our homeowners insurance specialists help you with a free assessment of your insurance needs by contacting us at any of our insurance offices in the Vancouver area.