Wholesalers & Distributors Insurance

As a wholesaler, distributor or importer/exporter, you don't always have control over your suppliers or manufacturers. Yet, you're liable for the products you distribute for them, sometimes for years after they're sold.

Product Liability Insurance

With a growing number of lawsuits against product manufacturers and distributors, doing business in North America has become a potential product liability minefield. We can help you navigate these pitfalls, working with you to make sure you're covered even if your suppliers aren't.

Wholesaler & Distributor Insurance Coverage

But liability is only one of the factors involved in wholesaling or importing/exporting products. We handle insurance for companies facing the potential risks of selling products to the United States and beyond. As one of the leading providers of business insurance in the Vancouver area, we're able to offer wholesalers and distributors competitively priced protection against:

  • Business interruption
  • Credit insurance
  • Liability
  • Product recall
  • Property damage
  • Transit & cargo

Let our wholesaler & distributor insurance specialists help you with a free on-site commercial insurance assessment of your needs by contacting us at any of our insurance offices in the Vancouver area.