Manufacturers Insurance

As a manufacturer, your equipment is one of the most vital factors to your production capability. Without it, losses can mount quickly and threaten your relationship with your customers.

Insurance Covers Equipment Replacement

As a long-time insurer of manufacturers, we know that equipment breakdown is a key issue for you. But so is replacing that equipment if you face a large claim. So we make sure your equipment is valued appropriately– by replacement cost rather than by purchase cost – so that it gets replaced if you face a significant loss.

Manufacturers Insurance Coverage

But there are other risks involved in manufacturing and, because we're one of the leading providers of business insurance in the Vancouver area, we're able to offer you a range of competitively priced protection against:

  • Business interruption – particularly in terms of equipment failure
  • CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machinery
  • Credit insurance
  • Liability
  • Product recall
  • Property damage
  • Transit & cargo

Let our manufacturing insurance specialists help you with a free on-site commercial insurance assessment of your needs by contacting us at any of our insurance offices in the Vancouver area.